What To Do If Your Well Runs Dry?

A water well is a hole in the ground located close to an aquifer, so this constantly fills the well with water. However, in areas of drought and a low level of groundwater, there is a chance the water well might run dry. A few factors can affect the lifespan of a water well, such as the location and the type of well.

Water is indispensable for the everyday routine. A water well running dry can disrupt an entire community, making it impossible to sustain agriculture, industry, and life itself. So, what can you do if your water well runs dry? Keep reading to know more.

Look For The Signs

Signs that your water well may be drying up are:

  • Change of taste in the drinking water.
  • Tap water looking murky or muddy.
  • Spigots sputter when air moves through the system.

If you notice any of these signs, go ahead and check the depth of your well. To do this, simply remove the cap and drop something small, like a rock. If it takes a long time for the object to get to the bottom, your water well might be running dry.

What To Do To Fix It

Water wells, if drilled correctly, can last a lifetime. While some people say the lifespan of a water well is between 25 and 100 years, there are many factors that can affect it. If you notice your water well is running low on or has run out of water, there are a few options to fix it without having to drill a new well.

  • Sometimes, the source of the problem could be as simple as the placement of the water pump. If you have a submersible pump, make sure the water level wasn’t drawn below the pump level.
  • Water well deepening is one option. When you deepen a well, you can find new fractures containing water, but this is not always the case. You should call a professional well construction company.
  • Hydrofracking is a technique that injects high-pressure water into the depths of your well to open fractures in surrounding rock and increase water flow. Consider this is your well is old.

Contact HydroLOGICA and Fix Your Water Well

When your water well runs dry, there are ways to fix it other than drilling a new well. However, most of these require professional equipment and workmanship. Regardless of the cause of your drought, HydroLOGICA can fix it for you. We’ll restore your water well as quickly as possible so your quality of life isn’t compromised.


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