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Michael, co-founder of Hydrologica. He originally founded WEST Engineering Services and is now retired after it’s sale. He grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He attended Hargrave Military Academy in the beautiful, tree-filled hills of Southern Virginia where he learned self-discipline and invaluable leadership skills.

He then attended Tennessee Tech and graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. He worked almost a decade offshore in various subsea-related positions, where he recognized the need for a training, inspection and testing service provider for Blowout Preventers (BOPs). His dynamic vision led to the creation of WEST Engineering Services and later moved the company to Houston, Texas. WEST Engineering Services became the world leader on BOPs and drilling services because of their technical expertise. Currently retired, Michael focuses his attention on philanthropic efforts, especially bringing clean water access to communities in need. An avid flyer and world traveler, Michael is also a proud “Pa-pa”. He is never too busy to pull a golf ball out of his pocket for an impromptu game of catch with these good buddies.


Brandon became aware of the water crisis while running a cholera clinic during an outbreak in Haiti in 2010. He saw first-hand the devastating effects unclean water can have on an individual and an entire community, and so he switched gears and began to work for a nonprofit in the water industry. It was in Haiti and later Nicaragua that his passion for clean water developed into what it is today.

He is someone who has always valued hard work, professionalism, and always doing things the right way; so naturally his business touts these same qualities. When he’s not covered in mud or crunching numbers, you will find him at the beach with his family, playing with his three kids and always hoping to catch a wave.


She came to Hydrologica in 2017. She majored in Business and continued her studies in Marketing. Married, with 2 kids she has managed to find balance in her life. Her family loves animals and has 2 dogs which they consider to be their children. They also raise game-cocks and have won several prizes. She loves fashion and you can find her every afternoon taking Zumba lessons.


She goes by the nickname Mj. Born and raised in Managua, Nicaragua. She has worked in Innovation and is also an entrepreneur. She loves to read dystopian society novels, volunteers as a counselor in CAM (a center that helps pregnant women with little or no money) and is also a lactation consultant. She has 2 kids which she loves hanging out with.



Miguel is a young, enthusiastic accountant. He has a postgraduate degree in Taxation. He is very organized and detailed oriented. You can find him every day concentrated in his desk working the hours away. He considers himself a “food enthusiast”.


She is the office’s confidant. She takes care of everyone at the office and is the mother of everyone in the office. Her sweet personality makes everyone be drawn to her. She is very organized and friendly. You can find her on weekends cheering for her 16-year old son at his Motocross races. She is very committed and enjoys seeing the company prosper.


Heydi helps us every day with the cleanliness and organization of our office space. She comes in every morning with an upbeat personality and always eager to learn more about the ways we bring water to those in needs. She has a son which she loves to hang out with.



Rebecca studied Geologic Engineer and has a Masters Degree in Renewable Energy. She has a passion for water, which she demonstrates as a coordinator in an organization called Central American Water Youth Network. She loves to travel both in and out of the country, and you can find her every weekend exploring every corner of Nicaragua.


Alejandra is the baby of the office. She majored in Geologic Engineering and she loves to play with rocks making her a perfect fit in our office. She is in charge of the lithological descriptions which is perfect for her detailed oriented mindset. She has a collection of rocks from everywhere she’s ever been in. She is currently learning Mandarin.


Joyce has a degree in Environmental Engineer, she is very organized and loves keeping tabs on proper ways to maintain processes. She helps us gain or ISO certification.
In her free times, she is an entrepreneur and has her own small business selling jewelry. She also considers herself a foodie and tries new restaurants every time she has the chance.


Douglas is one of our drillers. Even though he is a driller he has a wide variety of studies. He studied Law and Business Administration only to find his passion for drilling and helping communities have clean water access. He also enjoys going to other countries and training. He spends his weekends at home building wooden furniture and taking apart computers, customizing them and putting them together again.


Yader is an assistant driller well on his way to becoming a driller soon. He has worked on water wells for a few years in Leon, Nicaragua. He has found great satisfaction in being able to bring water to communities in great need. He is also a gym and health enthusiast.


Angel is another one of our drillers. He is very passionate about his work and is always thriving for perfection. He has two kids which keep him busy on the weekends. You will find him watching tv shows with his daughter every night.


Ramon recently came to HydroLOGICA and brought with him his excellent knowledge of welding. He is able to do anything it is asked and exceeds our expectation. He has been able to help with the machinery maintenance and to do repairs. His work is impecable. He has the best attitude and took a course on Knives in the United States. When he is not welding you can find him home with his wife and 3 children

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We make a difference in the lives of people during a very traumatic time in their life.

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