Popular Methods For Rehabilitating Wells Nicaragua


Water wells age and rate of water is pumped out may decrease with time. This commonly called well yield performance or water flow. It usually happens in those wells that may have been drilled but were not developed properly. There are companies that offer rehabilitation of the wells and are leaders in this particular domain. Rehabilitation is required periodically during the well’s entire life because groundwater comprises of minerals and bacteria which can eventually lead to plugging of the wells. Moreover, formations, gravel pack, and screens become blocked, reduce capacity and well’s efficiency. Additionally, wells that are plugged also experience bad samples and biological issues. These are the vital roles that companies play for rehabilitation.


Methods of rehabilitation


  • Chemical process: the chemical process of Well Rehabilitation Nicaragua involves technicians customizing chemistry that is properly blended and concentration of the well. These usually involve strategies that are tailored based on the problem cause, formation type and details of the well’s construction. Solutions help in achieving removal of the deposits effectively with penetration that is good and agitation into surrounding formations.
  • Brushing: the insides of the wells are brushed and this is often considered pre-treatment phase. It allows for removing mineral deposits and byproducts of corrosion inside wells. It is a mechanical way of pre-treating the wells that open screened area so chemicals are able to be injected easily through screens. This is a potent Well Rehabilitation Nicaragua measure.
  • Jetting: jetting with high pressure is one of the best methods, to open up screens that are plugged.
  • Dual Swabbing: Utilizing the dual swabs permits companies for placing the chemicals exactly where one wants by having the zones isolated by rubber discs. Dual swabbing besides chemical injections Add energy and agitation that is required for having the chemicals properly dispersed. Besides, they also assist in reacting with mineral deposits and acids. Additionally, dual swabbing along with airlifting permits agitation to be redeveloped properly by the removal of spent chemicals, formation materials that are dislodged and the dissolved minerals.
  • Sonar jet: The sonar jet is customized detonating cord that is fabricated for the production of harmonic frequency related to shock waves for assisting in the removal of the deposits.

More Methods For Rehabilitating Wells Nicaragua

This is a tool for rehabilitation that can deliver almost 3500 psi energy providing percussive movement that is a must to break down the deposits. The specific technology has been quite successful individually however with chemical additives, tools deliver deep into formations and assist in the mineral deposits to disperse with an employed powerful agitation.

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