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Hydrogeological Assessments

We partner with Northwater International to provide hydrogeological assessment services on a large municipal scale and site-specific requests. Several types of geophysical methods are used to accomplish the task of mapping potential groundwater.

Why you need to investigate before drilling
  • Hedge against the cost of a dry hole
  • Know before you drill
  • If you are drilling a community well, the investigation can better define expectation between community and NGO
  • Project cost, drilling location, expected yield
  • Better budget the cost to drill
  • Determine most cost-effective location to drill
  • Same lot, different locations
  • Depth, yield
Seismoelectric Equipment

The seismoelectric geophysical methods measure the electric response from a pressure wave passing through an aquifer. Pairs of metal electrodes (dipoles) are driven into the ground centered on a shot point where a pressure wave is generated. Typically this pressure wave is produced via hitting a hard plate with a rubber sledge hammer or by detonating a small explosive charge in the subsurface. As the pressure wave propagates into the subsurface, the rock matrix is temporarily distorted due to the relative pressure differences as the wave passes. When a pressure wave enters a saturated zone, or zone of increased water content, the rock matrix is displaced relative to the mobile water in the aquifer. Tiny charges on the rock move relative to the ions in the mobile water, and this charge displacement creates a voltage, or electric response, which travels back to the surface. The two pairs of electrodes measure this voltage response.

Water Well Drilling

Our Equipment
  • We are equipped with a 2017 Atlas Copco TH10LM mounted on a 2017 Freightliner M2114 66,000 lb truck. The rig is equipped with a 3×4 centrifugal mud pump, water injection pump, hammer lubricator and onboard welder.
  • We have a 2017 Atlas Copco XRH 1100 portable air compressor.
  • We have a 2017 Northwest Flattank support truck also mounted on a 2017 Freightliner M2 112 66,000 lb truck.
  • We have a 2017 SEMCO S6000 pump hoist mounted on a five ton 2017 Mitsubishi Canter.
  • We have two 2017 Toyota Hilux support pickups.
Our Capacity
  • The TH10LM is designed to drill with air up to 1000 feet (300 meters) and up to a 8” borehole. We can also drill mud up to 656 feet (200 meters) at a borehole diameter of 12 ¼ .
  • Our support truck is capable of carrying up to 2100 gallons of water and 200 gallons of fuel. The truck is equipped with a 8000 lb. crane to load and unload drill rod, drill collars, drill bits, hammers and casing.
  • Our pump hoist is designed to install and uninstall up to 6,000 lb of drop pipe and pumps.

Pump Installation

Electric Submersible Pumps
We can spec out and install any electric submersible pump you would like and plumb out pressure tanks ready for your main supply line.

Hand Pumps
We supply full pump sets and parts for Indian Mark II and Afridev hand pumps.

Well Inspection & Rehabilitation

We inspect, diagnose and rehabilitate existing and broken wells and pumps returning them to their original or better than original condition.

Our Equipment
  • We have the equipment necessary to redevelop by mechanical and chemical means.
  • We have downhole cameras to review, diagnose and record deep, complicated well problems.
  • We can also verify installation depth and materials used by previous drillers.


We train others how to drill water wells and install pumps. We believe water access for all will be done by multiplication of services. We want to share what we know with others to tackle the global water crisis.



Drilling Supplies & Pump Parts

We support the local supply chain by selling pumps, pump parts, and drilling equipment and supplies to make sure that our client’s wells are repaired in a timely manner and safe water is a permanent reality.


Satisfied Customers

”Brandon explained to me, what they do, associated costs, and why, in a clear, professional way. Brandon Stone knows water resources, geography, and has great equipment. Quick thinker. When my well is operating, he assures me back up if I have any problems, the company and staff are great.”

Holly Wilson

Having worked with HydroLOGICA I am filled with much satisfaction and at the same time many smiles, lessons and new learned ideas. More than a client, I felt like part of the same team because of their jovial spirit without, of course, deviating from a high level of commitment and professionalism.”

“As an expat living in Managua for six years, I’ve grown accustomed to experiencing low quality work. Too often, services here offer the quick way rather than the right way. They’ll tell you what you want to hear and then under-deliver. Hydrologica on the other hand, drilled a well above my expectations – and they did it at the agreed price and on schedule. Brandon and his team were easy to communicate with and they educated me on the well drilling process. I felt completely comfortable making such a sizable investment with Hydrologica. The whole team is an example for what efficient business looks like. I will highly recommend their service to all others looking for a well.”

“To whom it may concern, we contest that Hydrologica S.A., a company dedicated to conducting hydrogeological studies and drilling water wells, with whom I had the opportunity to manage both projects, exceeded my hopes and expectations. I receded positive feedback both in and outside of CEMEX. The staff in charge of the projects are highly qualified people with great commitment, showing at all times a great work capacity and work ethic. Their conduct was always exemplary, responsible and worthy of our trust. Because of all the previously mentioned experience, we will always quote out future work first with HydroLOGICA.”


“I appreciate your willingness to work with people with less income, and a chance to have second well on my property. Glad that your crew was able to repair the issues with the other well, and we all learned together, a bit more about my wells, and the land. Your team’s quick responsiveness for the repairs and parts, was appreciated, great customer service. Now maybe soon, I can start a little community water association.”

“We recently contracted the drilling and geophysics services of Hydrologica for a community clean water project that was completed through our nonprofit organization Waves of Hope. Working with Hydrologica was effortless from the original quoting process, through the geophysics survey, to the final capping of the successful well drilling project. All of the staff conducted themselves professionally and the communication throughout the project was excellent. Another aspect that we really appreciated is that they worked seamlessly with the local community and our local nonprofit contractors.”

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