Hydrogeological Assessments to Create Water Wells

Hydrogeological assessments evaluate the impacts of the proposed development on existing water supply wells. It’s difficult to accurately predict how a project or an individual land-use change might affect the likelihood of flooding, but hydrogeological assessments provide an accurate idea.

Therefore, as part of any development process, a hydrogeological assessment will often be required. HydroLOGICA, a water well contractor, offers this service with the objective of finding potential sources of groundwater. We have the mission of creating water wells and providing fresh water to developing communities in Nicaragua.

Why Are Hydrogeological Assessments Important

Hydrogeological assessments help you understand the potential impact of flooding on a site. This is crucial for any developer looking to invest in a construction plan or an engineer acting as a consultant in the project. Also, changes in the way rural land is used, along with deforestation and density, can influence water flow and may increase the risk of floods.

Hydrogeological assessments guarantee many benefits – if you do it before drilling a well. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • A better budget, project cost, and expected return
  • Determine the most cost-effective location to drill
  • Accurate expectations between the community and NGO

HydroLOGICA Is a Company You Can Trust 

HydroLOGICA was founded with the desire to help developing communities in Nicaragua gain access to clean water and sanitation. We want to be an example for the industry and demonstrate that projects can be done even in challenging contexts. We achieve this by being an excellent water well drilling company that provides quality at every stage of the way.

Our dedicated hydrologists and engineers have experience in providing detailed hydrological assessments which are carried out as part of our water drill projects and flood risk assessments. They use a combination of topographical information, site investigations, hydrological data, geological information, and other historical data. 

Interested in Our Hydrogeological Assessment Services?

HydroLOGICA offers complete hydrogeological assessments and water well drilling services. We’re known for owning the best equipment in the region and providing the highest quality of service possible at all times.


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