How To Properly Measure Water Quality

Are you planning to start a water well drilling project? Then you need to understand the importance of water quality and how to measure it. If not, you could have a contaminated water supply unsuitable for drinking, cooking, or even bathing.

Here, we’ll go through everything you need to know about this process and the properties you need to look up to when measuring water quality. Keep reading and take notes!

The Importance Of Measuring Water Quality

Water is essential for life – there’s no getting around that. Not only do we need to drink it to survive, but we also use it for daily activities.

There are a variety of waterborne diseases that can make us sick, and some of them can even be deadly. That’s why it’s vital to ensure that the drinking water is safe. By understanding the parameters experts use to determine water quality, we can ensure that our water supply is safe for consumption.

7 Essential Properties To Determine Water Quality

Scientists measure different things to find out how healthy a water body is. Each one of these measures something different about the water body. These are some of them

Acidity – pH: pH measurement measures the number of hydrogen ions you can find in substances such as water. By knowing the amount of hydrogen in a substance, you can judge whether it’s acidic, neutral, or basic.

Turbidity: Turbidity is the amount of matter like clay, silt, plankton, or microscopic organisms suspended in water; it makes the water look opaque.

Hardness: The amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium determines water hardness. Also, water hardness varies throughout the United States. 

Temperature: Fish and aquatic plants need the proper water temperature to survive. It impacts the amount of oxygen in the water as well as organisms’ ability to resist pollutants.

Dissolved Oxygen: There are about ten oxygen molecules for every million molecules of water. This is necessary for fish and other small organisms to survive.

Suspended Sediment: It’s the amount of soil you find in the water; it can vary depending on how fast the water is flowing. Fast-flowing water can pick up and hold more soil than calm water.

Specific Conductance: Specific conductance measures how well water can conduct electricity. It depends on the number of dissolved solids in the water, such as salt.

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