How Long Does a Water Well Last?

To determine the life expectancy of a water well, we should take into account several factors. Keep reading to learn more about those factors affecting your water well’s life expectancy.

What is a Water Well?

We should probably begin by defining what a water well is, before we dive into the life expectancy subject. A water well is a hole in the ground created by either digging, driving, or drilling. Water from the surrounding aquifer fills in the vertical well or hole, which can also be pumped. As water is pumped out, water from the surrounding aquifer goes back into the well’s borehole.

Factors That Affect Your Water Well

Here are some of the factors that affect the life expectancy of your well:

  • Location

The country or general geographic location where your well is located affects your well’s life expectancy. Some areas demand much deeper drilling to obtain a successful and efficient water delivery system.

It also depends on the water conditions that already exist at the location your well is placed. Does your location experience seasonal droughts? These seasonal droughts can result in a reduced well recovery rate or a complete loss of well water.

  • Type of Well

Whether it’s a hand-dug, drilled, or driven well ultimately makes your well’s life expectancy vary. A drilled well can deliver water for several decades if it taps an ideal aquifer. On the other hand, hand-dug wells and driven wells often have a rapid water flow rate reduction. It all depends on the surrounding conditions that might contaminate the well and the type of soil where the well is located.

Calculating a Well’s Life Expectancy

While people might say well’s life expectancy should be between 25 and 100 years, there’s no way to give an exact answer. However, we can calculate a reliable estimate of your well’s life expectancy if we know more about the type of well and conditions where the well might be located.

Here at HydroLOGICA, our extensive years of experience allow us to deliver more accurate calculations based on reliable studies. We can help you find the ideal spots for creating a water well. Contact us today to know more about our services.


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