How Are Water Wells Created?

Water wells are vital to all communities, especially the ones located in rural areas. Wells provides a reliable source of clean drinking water that also can be used for irrigation and other day-to-day activities. In fact, 44% of the U.S. population depends on groundwater for its drinking water supply.

Several years ago, making a water well wasn’t as easy as it’s now, but thanks to technological advances, this has changed. Professional and trustworthy water well contractors are needed to create these modern water wells.

Let’s explore how these companies are making water wells and how they work:

Step 1: Hydrogeologists Site the Borehole

The first step is to identify where the water is. Hydrogeologists determine the best place to make the water well. They also make sure the drill doesn’t take place in natural hazards or human-made infrastructure.

Step 2: Making the Water Well Drilling & Construction

Once the hydrogeologists determine the right place for making a water well, the drilling process begins. In this step, steel is used to reinforce those varying lengths of the borehole. 

Step 3: Determine The Water Well Performance

It’s highly important to measure the performance of the water well, and aquifer tests are performed. This process involves installing a test pump and pumping well water for a fixed set of variables.

Step 4: Pumping and Piping The Borehole

The pumping and piping system of your well depends on the intended use of the borehole water. There are several options for commercial and residential purposes, and the company that’s making your water well is in charge of advising you.

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