Helping The Education System In Nicaragua One Water Well At A Time

Nicaragua is one of the top 5 most impoverished countries in Latin America. Its population is over 6.5 million inhabitants, of which 45% live in poverty, and 9% live under extreme poverty conditions. Overall, it is estimated that 65% of people who live in poverty live in rural areas without access to clean water. That is over 800,000 people! 

Clean water access is a human necessity, a human right, and it is fundamental to the well-being of a community yet, most communities in rural areas lack this vital resource. HydroLOGICA has been making an effort along with NGOs, governmental institutions, and different donors to make it all happen.

Education Is Key

Education is a direct way out of poverty. The predicament is that impoverished communities cannot prioritize education over essential needs, such as guaranteeing drinking water and food, especially during COVID-19 times.

The lack of clean water is a common characteristic among impoverished countries; it has a huge effect on school absenteeism. Families in rural communities send their children to gather clean water at great distances. Therefore, education is considered a waste of time. Approximately 47 out of 100 students in Nicaragua that start elementary school have the ability to successfully finish it.

Nicaragua’s Ministry of Education has joined forces to carry out clean water projects in rural communities and tackle one more obstacle for the country’s improvement. The well drilling MINED projects are proving their contribution to society with each step. 

HydroLOGICA – Who we are

At HydroLOGICA, we are a socially responsible company, known for our technical excellence in drilling water wells, with over 2 decades of experience and backed by drilling experts from the oil and gas industry.

Our services to private, corporate clients and the communities from Nicaragua, such as well drilling for the ministry of education’s clean water projects, are known for the international expertise delivered in every project.

We proudly say, “we have the brain of a company and the heart of a philanthropist.” Our main goal is to improve living conditions for all communities, one well at a time. But also, by sharing our expertise and training locals, we ensure the sustainability of these projects through time.  

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