Drilling Wells For Schools in Nicaragua

The reality for kids and teenagers in rural communities is different from children’s reality in the cities. Their day-to-day does not only involve going to school and playing. In communities that don’t have access to clean water, children and teenagers spend their time walking and waiting to collect water each day to help with chores at home.

Access to clean water restores health for families and reduces the amount of time they spend trying to collect clean water. Clean water gives kids a chance to attend school and build a better future. At HydroLOGICA, this is our main goal: support economic development and improve people’s quality of life in rural communities in Nicaragua by giving them access to clean water.

Clean Water Unlocks The Potential Of Every Student

Every day, in rural communities in Nicaragua, thousands of students head for class without having access to clean water. Without access to water, education is almost impossible. Dirty, contaminated water leads to a cycle of illnesses, missed school days, and higher drop-out rates.

Drilling wells for schools changes all of that. An investment in these wells can unlock every student’s potential by keeping them healthy and freeing them of the task of collecting water, allowing them to remain in class.

Clean water stations give kids a place to wash their hands. Proper latrines provide them privacy and help keep schools clean. Drilling wells for schools ensures that kids who become healthy continue to stay healthy. Some other benefits of water wells in schools are:

  • It improves health, keeping students in class
  • Enables proper sanitation
  • Eliminates time wasted fetching dirty water
  • Improves school facilities because the concrete used in construction requires lots of water

Drilling Wells For Schools Can Change The Future

Access to clean water makes it possible for kids and teenagers to attend and stay in school – and school is just the beginning. Kids who attend school get to expand their worldview and think beyond the opportunities in their rural communities. At HydroLOGICA, we want to fight the education crisis from the very beginning: drilling water wells for schools and for the communities.

At HydroLOGICA, we have over 20 years of drilling experience and are backed by Houston-based investors from the oil and gas industry that have drilled the world’s most challenging wells. We are the number one choice for clients that want a technically excellent professional borehole drilled to verifiable international standards.


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