Drilling Equipment and Supplies For Water Wells In Nicaragua

When it comes to finding drilling equipment and supplies for water wells in Nicaragua, it can be hard. For such a big-investment project like a water well, you can’t risk getting cheap drilling equipment and supplies. Attempting to save some bucks can cost you more in the long run, with higher maintenance and rehabilitation costs.

Luckily for you, HydroLOGICA sells well drilling equipments and supplies in the country. We are backed by Houston-based investors from the oil and gas industry who have gained experience drilling the most challenging wells globally. We supply top-notch supplies and equipment and assess our clients on what works best for them.

We Support The Local Supply Chain

HydroLOGICA is a company that specializes in well drilling in Nicaragua. We also support the local supply chain by selling pumps, pump parts, and drilling equipment and supplies to make sure that our client’s wells are repaired in a timely manner, and safe water is a permanent reality for rural communities.

We sell and install two types of water pumps, electric submersible pumps, and hand pumps. Among the drilling equipment we offer, we have:

  • 2017 Atlas Copco TH10LM mounted on a 2017 Freighliner M2114 truck
  • 2017 Atlas Copco XRH 1100 portable air compressor
  • 2017 Northwest Flattank support truck
  • 2017 SEMCO S6000 pump hoist

Why Trust HydroLOGICA?

HydroLOGICA was born from the desire to help rural communities gain access to clean water. We strive to provide high-quality services, equipment, and supplies that can create the necessary infrastructure to support economic and social development in a third-world country like Nicaragua.

Being a drilling company, we have the necessary experience in water well drilling. This helps us understand the needs of a water well and assist our clients on what supplies they should work with. Also, the equipment and supplies we sell are internationally standardized. Our entire team is certified and capable of answering any questions and inquiries.

We Supply Top-Notch Water Well Drilling Equipment and Supplies

For long-lasting water wells in Nicaragua, contact HydroLOGICA. With us, you can get the highest-quality drilling equipment and supplies in the country. We work hard to ensure that our services access and protect groundwater with the utmost care so that everyone that needs clean water can get it.


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